Genealogy of the Attfield Families of Farnham

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A hop kiln at Farnham (from “Surrey painted by Sutton Palmer”, London, 1906)

In the 19th century there were more Attfield families in Farnham than anywhere else in the world. As far as is known, these families were not long-established in Farnham but arrived there in the period after 1700 - probably attracted by Farnham's importance as a hop growing and brewing centre.

The "main" Attfield line has been traced back with quite a high degree of certainty to Nathaniel Attfield (or Field) who moved to Farnham from Woking around 1700, and whose forebears almost certainly came from Chobham. This main line is presented here in detail, beginning with Nathaniel's father - another Nathaniel - who died at Woking in 1733.

Some of Nathaniel's descendants migrated to Chertsey, and the family of William Attfield, ironmonger - who died at Chertsey in 1808 - is certainly related to this line although the connection has not been found. William's descendants are very interesting and are listed here in a separate tree. (William birth date of c1760 is a "guesstimate" extrapolated from his marriage date, and is not based on any other evidence.)

Another disconnected line is that of James Attfield, publican or licensed victualler, who died at Farnham in 1813 aged 55 according to the burial register. James is believed to descend from a family in Windlesham, Surrey - see the notes attached to this individual for a link and more information. No connection has been found to the main Farnham lineage, and therefore this line is also shown as a separate tree.

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With acknowledgements to Henry Attfield, Martin Attfield, Merion Burt, Joe Carrick, Hazel Freeman, Susan Griffith, Mary Garner, Helga Ruddy, Kay Swann and Roger White for information or photos.

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