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Family of John Millist and Mary Vincent

Husband: John Millist (1745-1783)
Wife: Mary Vincent (1733- )
Children: Polly Millist (1769-1832)
Marriage 28 Nov 1767

Husband: John Millist

Name: John Millist
Sex: Male
Father: John Millist (c. 1700-1766)
Mother: Elizabeth Lee ( - )
Birth 1745 Chertsey, Surrey
Baptism 14 Mar 1744/45 (age 0) Chertsey, Surrey
Will 4 Feb 1766 (age 20-21) Mentioned in father's will
Occupation 28 Nov 1767 (age 21-22) Yeoman, Chertsey (MLA)
Will 30 Sep 1769 (age 23-24) Executor to will of Richard Roake, brother-in-law
Will 7 Dec 1780 (age 34-35) Date of will
Will 20 Nov 1782 (age 36-37) Witness to will of Samuel Butler
Death 1783 (age 37-38) Chertsey, Surrey
Burial 2 Aug 1783 St Peter, Chertsey, Surrey

Wife: Mary Vincent

Name: Mary Vincent
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 25 Sep 1733 Woking, Surrey
Baptism 5 Oct 1733 (age 0) St Peter, Woking, Surrey
Will 7 Dec 1780 (age 47) Mentioned in husband's will

Child 1: Polly Millist

Name: Polly Millist
Sex: Female
Spouse: Charles Pratt Living (1764-1817)
Birth 1769 Chertsey, Surrey
Baptism 29 May 1769 (age 0) Chertsey, Surrey
Will 7 Dec 1780 (age 10-11) Mentioned in father's will
Death 24 Aug 1832 (age 62-63) Chertsey, Surrey
Burial 3 Sep 1832 St Peter, Chertsey, Surrey (aged 63)

Note on Husband: John Millist (1)

28 Nov., 1767. John Millist of Chertsey, yeoman, bachelor, 21, and Mary Vincent of Woking, abode 4 weeks, spinster, 21 ; at Woking. Edmund Vincent, farmer, 2nd s. Both sign.

MLA, Commissary Court of Surrey

Note on Husband: John Millist (2)

Mortgage by demise in form of Lease and Release

1) Richard Street and John Chandler

2) Henry Tatchell of Chertsey, grocer, and Elizabeth his wife; Edmund Vincent of Woking, yeoman; John Millist of New Haw, yeoman, and Mary his wife; Anthony Capron of Sutton, yeoman, and Ann his wife; Thomas Vincent of Leadenhall Street, London, grocer; John Vincent of Pyrford, yeoman; Peter Vincent, late of Windsor, tallow chandler, and Francis Skurray of Guildford, brewer.

Tithes of corn, grain and hay of lands in Sutton next Woking formerly belonging to John Vincent and Thomas Baker.

1) to 2) for £700 paid by Francis Skurray; £100 each to Henry Tatchell, Edmund Vincent, Thomas Vincent, Peter Vincent, John Millist and Anthony Capron in satisfaction of legacies of John Vincent deceased

Date(s): 22-23 Oct 1773

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