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Family of Thomas Paterson Scade and Vivien Joyce Smith

Husband: Thomas Paterson Scade (c. 1917- )
Wife: Vivien Joyce Smith (c. 1921- )
Marriage 1944 Alexandria, Egypt

Husband: Thomas Paterson Scade

Name: Thomas Paterson Scade
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth c. 1917
Occupation 5 Jun 1954 (age 36-37) Company Director, Kenya

Wife: Vivien Joyce Smith

Name: Vivien Joyce Smith
Sex: Female
Father: Charles Robert Smith (1887-1959)
Mother: Violet Mure Slight (1897-1982)
Birth c. 1921
Immigration 5 Jun 1954 (age 32-33) to Arrived London from E Africa with husband on board S.S. Uganda