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Family of Nathaniel Pembroke and Jane Attfield

Husband: Nathaniel Pembroke (bef1716-1767)
Wife: Jane Attfield (1727-1769)
Children: Nathaniel Pembroke (1755-bef1765)
Charles Pembroke (1757-1802)
Marriage 7 Dec 1750 St James Westminster

Husband: Nathaniel Pembroke

Name: Nathaniel Pembroke
Sex: Male
Father: Nathaniel Pembroke ( -bef1765)
Mother: Bethia Hathwell (1690-1716)
Birth bef 1716
Will 25 Dec 1733 (age 16-17) Witness to will of Nathaniel Attfield
Will 3 Jan 1748/49 (age 32-33) Witness to will of John Brown of Chertsey
Occupation 10 Feb 1758 (age 41-42) -; Grocer and tallow chandler, Chertsey (Deposition re will of Sarah Brown of Weybridge)
Will 28 Feb 1766 (age 49-50) Mentioned in will of John Cox, wife's brother-in-law
Will 27 Jan 1767 (age 50-51) Date of will
Occupation 1767 (age 50-51) -; Tallow chandler, of Chertsey
Death 1767 (age 50-51) Chertsey, Surrey
Burial 4 Mar 1767 St Peter, Chertsey, Surrey
Probate 24 Apr 1767 Probate to John Vincent & Richard Mapletoft

Wife: Jane Attfield

Name: Jane Attfield
Sex: Female
Father: Nathaniel Attfield (1698-1733)
Mother: Ann Millist (c. 1705-1768)
Birth 1727 Chertsey, Surrey
Baptism 23 Jun 1727 (age 0) Chertsey, Surrey
Will 25 Dec 1733 (age 5-6) Mentioned in father's will
Will 27 Jan 1767 (age 39-40) Mentioned in husband's will
Will 13 May 1767 (age 39-40) Mentioned in will of stepfather, John Butterfield
Death 1769 (age 41-42) Chertsey, Surrey
Burial 7 Mar 1769 St Peter, Chertsey, Surrey

Child 1: Nathaniel Pembroke

Name: Nathaniel Pembroke
Sex: Male
Birth 1755 Chertsey, Surrey
Baptism 20 Jul 1755 (age 0) Chertsey, Surrey
Death bef 1765 (age 9-10) Chertsey, Surrey

Child 2: Charles Pembroke

Name: Charles Pembroke
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Elizabeth Philippa Porter ( -1787)
Spouse 2: Susanna Pembroke (1758-1846)
Birth 1757 Chertsey, Surrey
Baptism 30 Dec 1757 (age 0) Chertsey, Surrey
Will 27 Jan 1767 (age 9-10) Mentioned in father's will
Occupation 2 Aug 1773 (age 15-16) Articled to John Chandler, Attorney, Guildford
Will 5 Feb 1791 (age 33-34) Witness to will of Mary Butler, sister-in-law
Will 4 Apr 1802 (age 44-45) Date of will (and codicil dated 11.9.1802)
Occupation 1802 (age 44-45) Gentleman, of Chertsey
Death 24 Sep 1802 (age 44-45) Chertsey, Surrey
Burial 1 Oct 1802 St Mary, Sunbury, Middlesex (aged 45)
Probate 30 Oct 1802 Probate to Susanna Pembroke (widow), William Pembroke, John Hodges

Note on Husband: Nathaniel Pembroke (1)

Will of Nathaniel Pembroke of Chertsey in the County of Surrey Tallow Chandler, 27 Jan 1767. To wife Jane Pembroke my household goods furniture plate linen and china for her own use and benefit; to friends John Vincent of Beech Hill Esq and Richard Mapletoft of Chertsey Surgeon, execs, my freehold messuages or tenements with the granaries edifices and appurts thereto belonging situate in Guildford Street in Chertsey and now in my own and the several occupations of John Living the widow Hooper the widow Landman and George Robinson and also my fourth undivided part or share in the copyhold messuage in Guildford Street wherein I now dwell and all my stock in trade and personal estate upon trust to permit my said wife to hold and enjoy the freehold premises and receive the rents and profits for her life, and after her decease in trust for my son Charles Pembroke forever, and as for the copyhold premises on trust to permit my wife to receive the rents and profits and also the produce of my stock in trade and personal estate she giving security to my trustees of £600 until son attains age of 21 years and then in trust to him, but if son dies in lifetime of wife and before attaining 21 years then the whole of my estate in trust to wife, but if wife dies before son attains age of 21 years then in trust to receive the rents and profits etc and apply same for the maintenance education and bringing up my said son until age 21 and then convey the same to my said son; but if my son shall survive his mother and die under 21 years then upon trust to sell and dispose of all my real and personal estate to pay to my cousins George Pembroke of St Albans Esq and Joseph Pembroke of the same place attorney at law £20 apiece and the residue to Ann the wife of John Living of Chertsey draper, Mary wife of Samuel Butler of the same place plumber and Joanna wife of John Cox of St Michaels Alley Cornhill London victualler or their children.

Witnesses: Robert Mackason, Matthew Biggs, Champion Constable.

Probate London to execs John Vincent & Richard Mapletoft, 24 Apr 1767.

Note on Husband: Nathaniel Pembroke (2)

Note in Parish Register of St Peter, Chertsey:

1 Nov 1741, Rebecah and Susannah, of Nathaniel Pembroke, Bastards, baptised.