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Family of William Attfield and Mary Roake

Husband: William Attfield (c. 1760-1808)
Wife: Mary Roake (1766-1831)
Children: William Attfield (1786-1812)
Richard Attfield (1787-1849)
James Attfield (1789-1858)
Nathaniel Attfield (1793-1826)
John Attfield (1795-1800)
Marriage 30 Nov 1784 Saint Botolph Bishopsgate, London
Witnesses 30 Nov 1784 James Sutton, Martha Sutton

Husband: William Attfield

Name: William Attfield
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth c. 1760
Occupation 1 Jan 1781 (age 20-21) Ironmonger, Chertsey (see notes)
Occupation 1787 (age 26-27) Ironmonger, Chertsey (Surrey, Jury-Qualified Freeholders and Copyholders, 1696-1824)
Occupation 1791 (age 30-31) Ironmonger, Chertsey (Universal Directory of GB 1791, p.737)
Occupation 1807 (age 46-47) Ironmonger, Guildford Street, Chertsey
Will 31 Oct 1807 (age 46-47) Date of will (see notes)
Death Dec 1808 (age 47-48) Chertsey, Surrey
Burial 26 Dec 1808 Chertsey, Surrey
Probate 1 Mar 1809 Probate to Mary Attfield and James Sutton, execs

Wife: Mary Roake

Name: Mary Roake
Sex: Female
Father: Richard Roake (1736-1770)
Mother: Mary Millist (1744-1802)
Birth 1766 Horsell, Surrey
Baptism 4 Mar 1766 (age 0) Horsell, Surrey
Will 30 Sep 1769 (age 2-3) Mentioned in father's will
Will 15 Mar 1781 (age 14-15) Mentioned in mother's will
Will 9 Mar 1803 (age 36-37) Mentioned in will of Margaret Roake, aunt
Will 1 Mar 1809 (age 42-43) Executrix to husband's will
Residence 1824 (age 57-58) Grafton Street, Fitzroy Square, London
Will 7 Jun 1824 (age 57-58) Date of will (see notes)
Residence 1831 (age 64-65) St Pancras, Middlesex (in burial register, Cjhertsey)
Death 1831 (age 64-65) Chertsey, Surrey
Burial 2 Mar 1831 St Peter, Chertsey, Surrey (aged 64, of St Pancras)
Probate 21 Mar 1831 Probate to Richard Attfield, son

Child 1: William Attfield

Name: William Attfield
Sex: Male
Birth 1786 Chertsey, Surrey
Occupation 28 Apr 1800 (age 13-14) Apprenticed to James Sutton, Cordwainer (see notes)
Will 31 Oct 1807 (age 20-21) Mentioned in father's will
Death 13 Jun 1812 (age 25-26) Chertsey, Surrey
Burial 19 Jun 1812 St Peter, Chertsey, Surrey (aged 26)

Child 2: Richard Attfield

Name: Richard Attfield
Sex: Male
Spouse: Louisa Cooke (c. 1796-1871)
Birth 1787 Chertsey, Surrey
Baptism 19 Jul 1787 (age 0) Chertsey, Surrey
Occupation 5 Jun 1802 (age 14-15) Apprenticed to John Heppel of Wigmore St, Upholsterer (see notes)
Will 31 Oct 1807 (age 19-20) Mentioned in father's will
Occupation 21 Sep 1815 (age 27-28) Upholsterer, Lower Brook Street
Will 7 Jun 1824 (age 36-37) Mentioned in mother's will
Occupation 1829 (age 41-42) Tratt & Attfield, Upholsterers, 19 Lower Brook Street (London PO Directory, 1829)
Will 21 Mar 1831 (age 43-44) Executor to mother's will
Will 1 Mar 1847 (age 59-60) Proved 2.6.1849
Occupation 1847 (age 59-60) Upholsterer
Occupation Land agent (on John Sutton Attfield's marriage cert, 1867)
Residence 1847 (age 59-60) Lower Brook St, Grosvenor Square, and No.19 Canterbury Villa, Maida Vale, Middlesex
Death fact 1849 (age 61-62) 1849 Jun Qtr, Kensington, 3/261
Death 18 Apr 1849 (age 61-62) Kensington, Middlesex
Burial 25 Apr 1849 All Souls Cemetery, Kensal Green (aged 61)

Child 3: James Attfield

Name: James Attfield
Sex: Male
Spouse: Harriet Watson (1779-1843)
Birth 1789 Chertsey, Surrey
Baptism 6 Mar 1789 (age 0) Chertsey, Surrey
Will 31 Oct 1807 (age 17-18) Mentioned in father's will
Residence 1817 (age 27-28) Kingston upon Thames, Surrey
Will 7 Jun 1824 (age 34-35) Mentioned in mother's will
Occupation 1826 (age 36-37) Bookseller & stationer, Market Place, Kingston (Pigot's Directory, 1826)
Census 1841 (age 51-52) Independent, Norbiton Street, Kingston, Surrey
Census 1851 (age 61-62) Landowner, Norbiton, Kingston upon Thames (widower)
Death fact 1858 (age 68-69) 1858 Jun Qtr, Kingston, 2a/119
Death 29 Apr 1858 (age 68-69) Norbiton Cottage, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey
Burial 6 May 1858 St Peter, Chertsey, Surrey (aged 69)
Will 13 May 1858 (age 68-69) Probate, London Fol.280 to John Sutton Attfield, engineer, nephew (under £4000)

Child 4: Nathaniel Attfield

Name: Nathaniel Attfield
Sex: Male
Birth 1793 Chertsey, Surrey
Baptism 2 Jun 1793 (age 0) Chertsey, Surrey
Will 31 Oct 1807 (age 13-14) Mentioned in father's will
Will 7 Jun 1824 (age 30-31) Mentioned in mother's will
Residence 1826 (age 32-33) Islington (in burial register, Chertsey)
Death 1826 (age 32-33) Chertsey, Surrey
Burial 14 Feb 1826 St Peter, Chertsey, Surrey (aged 32)

Child 5: John Attfield

Name: John Attfield
Sex: Male
Birth 1795 Chertsey, Surrey
Baptism 3 May 1795 (age 0) Chertsey, Surrey
Death Mar 1800 (age 4-5) Chertsey, Surrey
Burial 9 Mar 1800 St Peter, Chertsey, Surrey

Note on Husband: William Attfield (1)

william attfield, ironmonger, chertsey surry

Fire Insurance Policy Register, 1777-1786, 1st January 1781

73631 1781 sun 1 291 06?678 jt 442620 300 william attfield ironmonger

Source: London Lives

Note on Husband: William Attfield (2)

Will of William Attfield of Chertsey, Surrey, Ironmonger, 31 Oct 1807; I nominate my loving wife Mary Attfield and my friend James Sutton of Henrietta Street Covent Garden Westminster Gentleman executrix and executor of this my Will; to wife Mary Attfield one hundred pounds and all plate linen china household goods and furniture in my dwelling house at the time of my decease; I bequeath my freehold messuage or tenement situate in Guilford Street Chertsey now in my own occupation and all other freehold estates and all money placed out at interest in the public funds and elsewhere, my stock in trade and all other effects and personal estate to my said wife Mary Attfield and James Sutton upon trust to sell and dispose of my freehold estate for the most money that can be obtained and also to sell my said personal estate and call in all debts due to me and to place out all the monies arising from such respective sales for interest and apply the same as follows: subject to the payment of one hundred pounds to each of my children as hereinafter mentioned to permit my wife Mary Attfield to receive the clear yearly interest dividends and produce of the said trust monies during her life, and after her decease upon trust that James Sutton his executors and administrators stand possessed of and interested in the said trust monies subject as aforementioned, in trust for my sons William Richard James and Nathaniel and such other children as I shall have living or that my wife may be with at the time of my decease to be divided equally among them share and share alike when and as they attain the age of twenty-one, provided always that if any of my said children shall attain the age of twenty-one during the lifetime of my said wife then I give and bequeath unto every such child the sum of one hundred pounds apiece, which sum to be deducted from the share such child shall be entitled to receive after the death of my wife; I authorise the said James Sutton after the decease of my said wife during the respective minorities of any of my said children to pay and apply the interest and dividends of the respective shares of such children in the said trust monies in the mean time towards the maintenance and education of such children and also to advance the trust monies for putting them out to business or any suitable employ or for setting them up in business or advancing them in any employ or otherwise for their advancement in the world by marrying or otherwise howsoever my trustee in his discretion shall seem fit and proper.

Witnesses: Wm Clark, Durley Grazebrook, John Finch.

Proved at London, 1 Mar 1809, to Mary Attfield Widow the Relict and James Sutton the Executors.

Note on Husband: William Attfield (3)

No records have been found to definitely identify this William Attfield. The birth date shown here (c1760) is only a guess based on his marriage date and his wife's age. He could be the William Atfeild, son of William, who was baptised at Chertsey on 22 March 1738/39, which would mean that he married Mary Roake at the age of 45 while she was only 18.

Note on Wife: Mary Roake (1)

Legacy in father's will, 30.9.1769: To my daughter Mary Roake my manor of Windlesham and my freehold messuage in Windlesham (50 acres) in the occupation of Margaret Finch, widow and my four arable parcels of copyhold land in manor of Woking called South Crofts (20 acres) in the occupation of Thomas Baker which I late bought from Thomas Lee and copyhold Harle (20 acres) and 4 acres of meadow and piece of brook ground called Elzie Brook with two parcels of land and a garden plot and orchard all in Woking.

Note on Wife: Mary Roake (2)

Will of Mary Attfield of Cross Street, Islington, Middlesex, widow, 7 Jun 1824

To youngest son Nathaniel Attfield, exec., all plate, books, pictures, glass, china, linen, furniture and household implements and effects in my dwelling house in Cross Street; all my stock late in 4 percent bank annuities but now changed to three pounds ten shillings percent bank annuities, all money and all other residue of my estate to be equally divided between my three sons Richard Attfield, James Attfield and the said Nathaniel Attfield as tenants in common and not as joint tenants; if Richard dies in my lifetime then his share to be equally divided between his children.

Witnesses: William Lyddon, Carey Street, Lincoln's Inn, solicitor, John Lyddon

Proved London 21 Mar 1831 admon of goods and chattels of Mary Attfield formerly of Chertsey, Surrey, afterwards of Cross Street, Islington, and late of Grafton Street, Fitzroy Square, Middlesex, widow, granted to Richard Attfield the son and one of the residuary legatees. Nathaniel Attfield the son also the sole executor died in the life time of the said executrix.