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Family of Thomas Attfield and Rebecca Chitty

Husband: Thomas Attfield (1801-1875)
Wife: Rebecca Chitty (1800-1871)
Children: Lucy Attfield (1830-1898)
Catherine Attfield (1832-1892)
Nathaniel Attfield (1834-1905)
Sarah Attfield (1836-1904)
Thomas Attfield (1838-1878)
Caroline Attfield (1840-1918)
Marriage 13 Feb 1830 Aldershot, Hampshire

Husband: Thomas Attfield

Name: Thomas Attfield
Sex: Male
Father: George Attfield (1778-1855)
Mother: Naomi (Nimmy) Charlton (c. 1777-1868)
Birth 1801 Aldershot, Hampshire
Baptism 3 Dec 1801 (age 0) St Michaels, Aldershot
Census 1841 (age 39-40) Labourer, Church Hill, Aldershot
Census 1851 (age 49-50) Parish Clerk, Aldershot
Census 1871 (age 69-70) Parish Clerk, Church Lane, Aldershot
Death fact 1875 (age 73-74) 1875 Mar Qtr, Farnham, 2a/69 (aged 73)
Death 1875 (age 73-74) Farnham, Surrey
Burial 19 Feb 1875 St Michael, Aldershot, Hampshire (aged 73)

Wife: Rebecca Chitty

Name: Rebecca Chitty
Sex: Female
Father: John Chitty (c. 1760-1836)
Mother: Ann Sile (c. 1766-1827)
Birth 1800 Aldershot, Hampshire
Baptism 6 May 1800 (age 0) Aldershot, Hampshire
Census 1841 (age 40-41) Wife in household
Death fact 1871 (age 70-71) 1871 Dec Qtr, Farnham, 2a/52 (aged 71)
Death 1871 (age 70-71) Aldershot, Hampshire
Burial 6 Nov 1871 St Michael, Aldershot (aged 71)

Child 1: Lucy Attfield

Name: Lucy Attfield
Sex: Female
Spouse: Edward Goss (1829-1899)
Birth 1830 Aldershot, Hampshire
Baptism 6 Dec 1830 (age 0) Aldershot, Hampshire
Census 1841 (age 10-11) Living with parents
Census 1871 (age 40-41) Wife in household
Death fact 1898 (age 67-68) 1898 Dec Qtr, Farnham, 2a/72 (aged 69)
Death 1898 (age 67-68) Farnham, Surrey

Child 2: Catherine Attfield

Name: Catherine Attfield
Sex: Female
Spouse: James Storey (1835- )
Birth 1832 Aldershot, Hampshire
Baptism 12 Aug 1832 (age 0) Aldershot, Hampshire (Atfield)
Census 1841 (age 8-9) Living with parents
Census 1851 (age 18-19) Dressmaker's assistant, Warwick St, Newchurch, Isle of Wight
Death fact 1892 (age 59-60) 1892 Jun Qtr, Farnham, 2a/61 (aged 59)
Death 31 Mar 1892 (age 59-60) Farnham, Surrey

Child 3: Nathaniel Attfield

Name: Nathaniel Attfield
Sex: Male
Spouse: Jemima Freestone (c. 1835-1907)
Birth 1834 Aldershot, Hampshire
Baptism 6 Apr 1834 (age 0) Aldershot, Hampshire (Atfield)
Census 1841 (age 6-7) Living with parents (aged 6)
Census 1851 (age 16-17) Living with parents (aged 17)
Census 1861 (age 26-27) Gardener, Whiteways End, Seale, Surrey (aged 27)
Census 1871 (age 36-37) Publican, "Colin Campbell", Aldershot (aged 37)
Census 1881 (age 46-47) Gardener, Little Farley Green, Farleigh, Surrey (aged 47)
Census 1891 (age 56-57) Gardener, Belle Vue Cotts, Aldershot
Census 1901 (age 66-67) Gardener, Belle Vue Cottage, Aldershot (aged 67)
Death 7 Sep 1905 (age 70-71) Aldershot, Hampshire

Child 4: Sarah Attfield

Name: Sarah Attfield
Sex: Female
Spouse: Frederick Evans Lewis (c. 1835-1898)
Birth 1836 Aldershot, Hampshire
Baptism 5 Jun 1836 (age 0) Aldershot, Hampshire
Census 1841 (age 4-5) Living with parents
Census 1901 (age 64-65) Widow, living on own means, living with sister Caroline & Robert Trubee
Death fact 1904 (age 67-68) 1904 Mar Qtr, Farnham, 2a/94 (aged 67)
Death 1904 (age 67-68) Farnham, Surrey

Child 5: Thomas Attfield

Name: Thomas Attfield
Sex: Male
Spouse: Matilda Ellen Tabitha Smith (1842-1901)
Birth 1838 Aldershot, Hampshire
Baptism 7 Oct 1838 (age 0) Aldershot, Hampshire
Census 1841 (age 2-3) Living with parents
Census 1851 (age 12-13) Living with parents
Occupation 11 Sep 1869 (age 30-31) Parish clerk, Aldershot
Census 1871 (age 32-33) Gardener, Alfred Cottages, Aldershot
Death fact 1878 (age 39-40) 1878 Jun Qtr, Farnham, 2a/69 (aged 39)
Death 1878 (age 39-40) Farnham, Surrey

Child 6: Caroline Attfield

Name: Caroline Attfield
Sex: Female
Spouse: Robert Thomas Trubee (c. 1837-1924)
Birth 1840 Aldershot, Hampshire
Baptism 7 Jun 1840 (age 0) Aldershot, Hampshire
Census 1841 (age 0-1) Living with parents
Census 1851 (age 10-11) Living with parents
Census 1861 (age 20-21) Living with sister Sarah & Frederick Lewis (unmarried)
Death fact 1918 (age 77-78) 1918 Jun Qtr, Farnham, 2a/198 (aged 77)
Death 15 Apr 1918 (age 77-78) Aldershot, Hampshire

Note on Husband: Thomas Attfield (1)

Christened at the same time as Richard Charlton (his half-brother)

Note on Husband: Thomas Attfield (2)

THE PARISH CLERK. The half-yearly Visitation of the northern division of this county was held at Alton Church on Tuesday by the Archdeacon (the Rev. Jacobs). There were present, on the part of Aldershot, the Rev. E. L. Roxby (vicar), the Rev. H. J. West, and Messrs. R. Stone and W. George (churchwardens). In the course of the proceedings the following charges were preferred against Mr. Thos. Attfield, parish clerk of Aldershot:—disputing the authority of the Vicar and Churchwardens by refusing to attend their meeting, at which he had been summoned ; and disposing of land, the property of the parish. It was understood that the Archdeacon will shortly hold a court at Aldershot, before which Mr. Thos. Attfield will be summoned, and the charges will be investigated.

Aldershot Military Gazette - Saturday 26 April 1873


THE CLERK'S LAND. The Archdeacon's mandate, declaring the expulsion of Mr. Attfield from the office of parish clerk, has been displayed on the church doors during the past few days.

Aldershot Military Gazette - Saturday 26 July 1873


THE PARISH CLERK'S LAND. One day next week—probably Thursday—a meeting of the ratepayers will be held in the schoolroom near the Parish Church, for the purpose of receiving a report of the steps that have been taken for the removal of Mr. Thos. Attfield from the office of pariah clerk, with its accompanying emoluments, and for the further consideration of the matter. We would advise all ratepayers to attend if they can possibly do so, as the question is one of the greatest importance, and one cannot be too freely discussed.

Aldershot Military Gazette - Saturday 30 August 1873