Family of Thomas Packer and Elizabeth Snelling

Husband: Thomas Packer ( -1751)
Wife: Elizabeth Snelling (1688-1770)
Children: Mary Packer (aft1720-1793)

Husband: Thomas Packer

Name: Thomas Packer
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Will 3 Dec 1731 Executor to will of sister, Ann Packer
Will 18 Feb 1748/49 Date of will (see notes)
Death 1751 Ash, Surrey
Burial 30 Jul 1751 St Peter, Ash, Surrey
Probate 14 Oct 1758 Probate to widow Elizabeth

Wife: Elizabeth Snelling

Name: Elizabeth Snelling
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1688 Ash, Surrey
Baptism 8 Mar 1687/88 (age 0) Ash, Surrey
Death 1770 (age 81-82) Ash, Surrey
Burial 2 Mar 1770 St Peter, Ash, Surrey

Child 1: Mary Packer

Name: Mary Packer
Sex: Female
Spouse: George Attfield (1713-1791)
Birth btw 1720 and 1723 Ash, Surrey
Will 22 Apr 1731 (age 7-11) Mentioned in will of aunt, Ann Packer
Will 18 Feb 1748/49 (age 25-29) Mentioned in father's will
Death 1793 (age 69-73) Aldershot, Hampshire
Burial 20 Oct 1793 Aldershot, Hampshire

Note on Husband: Thomas Packer

See records for Pritchells, Normandy Village:

[1716-20] Thomas Snelling surrendered to Thomas Packer for £30, after the death of himself and his wife.

[1716-20] Thomas Snelling died, wife Elizabeth Snelling admitted.

1722 rental: Held by Elizabeth Snelling (during her natural life) and Thomas Packer.

18/2/1748 Held by Thomas Packer.

[1750-55] Thomas Packer died. Bequeathed to wife Elizabeth for life then to 6 daughters: Elizabeth wife of Daniel Voller, Ann wife of Philip Upton, Mary Packer, Jane wife of Samuel Knight, Margaret Packer and Hannah Packer.

[1774-75] Elizabeth Packer died. Margaret Packer died unmarried. Descended to Elizabeth Valler, Ann Upton, Mary wife of George Attfield, Jane Knight and Hannah wife of Henry Barrett as devisees of the will of Thomas Packer their late father.

1782 Jane wife of Samuel Knight is lately dead without issue. Surviving devisees are Elizabeth Voller, Ann Upton, Mary Attfield and Hannah Barrett.


Will: Thomas Packer (X) of Normandy Green, Ash, husbandman 18 Feb 1748/9

I today surrendered my copyhold estate Pritchells in manor of Claygate and it to my wife Elizabeth Packer for life and then to my 6 daughters Elizabeth Vollar wife of Daniel Vollar, Ann Upton wife of Philip Upton, Mary Packer, Jane Knight wife of Samuel Knight, Margaret Packer & Hannah Packer; all personal estate to wife, exec.

Witnesses: Richard Taylor (X), Thomas Boylett, John Martyr

Proved 14 Oct 1758 to exec

DW/PA/7/28, DW/PA/5/1758/48