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Family of Frank B W Walton and Dorothy May Attfield

Husband: Frank B W Walton ( - )
Wife: Dorothy May Attfield (1904-1987)
Marriage 1927 Plymouth, Devon

Husband: Frank B W Walton

Name: Frank B W Walton
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Dorothy May Attfield

Name: Dorothy May Attfield
Sex: Female
Father: Walter Henry Attfield (1868-1923)
Mother: Edith Rendle (c. 1872-1916)
Birth 12 Jan 1904 Plymouth, Devon
Baptism 18 Jan 1911 (age 7) Charles Parish, Plymouth, Devon
Census 1911 (age 6-7) Living with parents
Death 1987 (age 82-83) Plymouth, Devon