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Family of Lawrence Porter and Althea Barbara Alldridge

Husband: Lawrence Porter (1741-1802)
Wife: Althea Barbara Alldridge (c. 1746-1780)
Children: Elizabeth Philippa Porter ( -1787)
Marriage 11 Mar 1765 St Matthew Friday Street, London

Husband: Lawrence Porter

Name: Lawrence Porter
Sex: Male
Father: Robert Porter (1700-1755)
Mother: Elizabeth Sutton (c. 1707-1786)
Birth 1741 Cobham, Surrey
Baptism 31 Aug 1741 (age 0) St Andrew, Cobham, Surrey
Occupation 10 Jun 1757 (age 15-16) Apprentice to Henry Conington, Citizen & Fishmonger of London, for 7 years
Occupation 25 May 1788 (age 46-47) Brewer, Chertsey (mentioned in will of John Wansell of Chertsey)
Will 17 Feb 1800 (age 58-59) Date of will (see notes)
Death 1802 (age 60-61) Cobham, Surrey
Burial 29 Jan 1802 St Andrew, Cobham, Surrey

Wife: Althea Barbara Alldridge

Name: Althea Barbara Alldridge
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth c. 1746
Death 1780 (age 33-34) Cobham, Surrey

Child 1: Elizabeth Philippa Porter

Name: Elizabeth Philippa Porter
Sex: Female
Spouse: Charles Pembroke (1757-1802)
Death 1787 Cobham, Surrey
Burial 20 Jun 1787 St Andrew, Cobham, Surrey

Note on Husband: Lawrence Porter (1)

Will of Lawrence Porter of Chertsey, Surrey, brewer, 17 Feb 1800

To my three daughters Althea the wife of Mr John Latham, Mary Porter and Ann Porter £20 apiece; to my friends Samuel Thorp of London and Charles Pembroke of Chertsey 10 guineas each for mourning rings; to daughter Althea and John Latham an annuity of £30 being interest of £600 at 5% p.a.; the principal sum of £600 to be divided among their children at 21 or on John Latham's death; to my granddaughter Elizabeth Pembroke the daughter of Charles Pembroke £300 at 21 or if she dies then to her father Charles Pembroke; to my daughter Mary Porter £1500 to be paid as follows, £1000 two years after my decease and £500 seven years after my decease; to my daughter Ann Porter £1500 to be paid in like manner; sons Robert Porter and William Porter execs; to son Robert Porter my customary or copyhold lands, messuages etc but nevertheless divided into two parts for my son William Sutton Porter, and all my freehold messuages, lands etc and the residue of my personal estate to my sons Robert Porter and William Sutton Porter equally.

Witnesses: Wm Clark, Thos Walker, James Hamman

Codicil, 8 Sep 1801

No part of the principal money of the several legacies of £1500 shall be paid to either of my daughters Mary and Ann Porter until the end of seven years after my decease but they shall receive the interest in the meantime.

Witnesses: Thos Walker, James Hamman

Proved London 18 Feb 1802 to execs.

Note on Husband: Lawrence Porter (2)

"A cricket match played on the [Laleham] Burway Cricket Ground Chertsey July 6th - 7 & 8th 1775 between the Counties of Surrey and Hampshire made by Mr. Parter (sic) an extensive brewer of Chertsey." (Handwritten scorecard in the front of a scorebook in Chertsey Museum.) The cricket writer J Goulstone mentions Mr Porter who brought Lumpy [the great Surrey bowler Edward Stevens] to live at Chertsey. Presumably this is the above 'Mr. Parter'.

Ian Maun, From Commons to Lord's, A Chronology of Cricket 1700-1799, Vol III 1771-1780, p.146.