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Family of William Mellersh and Mary Millist

Husband: William Mellersh ( -1779)
Wife: Mary Millist (1744-1802)

Husband: William Mellersh

Name: William Mellersh
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Will 29 Oct 1779 Date of will (see notes)
Death 1779 Horsell, Surrey
Burial 2 Nov 1779 St Mary, Horsell (William Mellish)
Probate 25 Nov 1779 Probate to wife Mary

Wife: Mary Millist

Name: Mary Millist
Sex: Female
Father: John Millist (c. 1700-1766)
Mother: Elizabeth Lee ( - )
Birth 1744 Chertsey, Surrey
Baptism 14 Jun 1744 (age 0) Chertsey, Surrey
Will 4 Feb 1766 (age 21-22) Mentioned in father's will
Will 30 Sep 1769 (age 24-25) Mentioned in husband's will
Will 25 Nov 1779 (age 34-35) Executrix to will of 2nd husband, William Mellersh
Will 15 Mar 1781 (age 36-37) Date of will (see notes)
Death 1802 (age 57-58) Horsell, Surrey
Burial 22 Apr 1802 St Mary, Horsell, Surrey (Widow Mellish)
Probate 13 Aug 1802 Probate to William Mellersh the son

Note on Husband: William Mellersh

William Mellersh (X) 29 Oct 1779

to wife Mary, exec. all household goods in house I live in; to mother Elizabeth Mellersh £6 p.a. for life and then to three sisters Sarah Mellersh, Elizabeth Mellersh and Margaret Mellersh £60 each; residue to children William, John and Thomas and child wife pregnant with at 21

Witnesses: John Knowls; Richard Smith

Proved: 25 Nov 1779 to exec. [DW/PA/7/31 ff.66r-v; DW/PA/5/1779/26] (died last month, of Horsell)

Surrey Wills Ref SW/40_94

Note on Wife: Mary Millist

Will of Mary Mellersh of Chertsey, Surrey, widow, 15 Mar 1781; to be buried in the family vault in the parish church of Horsell as near to my last husband as conveniently may be; to my son Richard Roake son of my late husband Richard Roake deceased my best pair of parlour window curtains and my silver watch; to my daughter Mary Roake sister of my said son Richard Roake my best suit of child bed linen and my best set of china; to my daughter Lucy Mellersh all the remainder of my child bed linen and all my wearing apparel; to son William Mellersh a small gold ring with a true lovers knot; to son John Mellersh a gold ring with a garnet set in the middle with small diamond sparks round it; to son Thomas Mellersh a mourning ring marked Eliz Beauchamp; to my said daughter Lucy Mellersh my diamond ring and one small garnet ring; to my brother John Millist of New Haw in the Parish of Chertsey Gentleman and to William Mellersh of Farnham (execs) all my goods chattels and other personal estate in trust to sell and dispose of all my said household goods and I direct the monies arising from such sale together with all other monies as I shall die possessed of to be placed out on government or other securities and the interest to be applied for the maintenance education and bringing up of my said sons and daughter William Mellersh John Mellersh Thomas Mellersh and Lucy Mellersh until they attain the ages of twenty one, and after they have attained the ages of twenty one to give to them all the principal monies and interest which shall be remaining in my said trustees’ hands to be divided equally share and share alike.

Witnesses: Eliz Tatchett, Jo Chatfield.

Administration with Will attached granted 13 Aug 1802 to William Mellersh the son and one of the Residuary Legatees; John Millist one of the execs dying in the lifetime of the Testatrix and William Mellersh the surviving executor having renounced execution.