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Family of Thomas Howard and Elizabeth Stevens

Husband: Thomas Howard (c. 1728-1780)
Wife: Elizabeth Stevens (1731-1757)
Children: Thomas Howard ( - )
John Howard ( - )
Elizabeth Howard ( - )
Marriage 16 Nov 1749 Woking

Husband: Thomas Howard

Name: Thomas Howard
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth c. 1728
Occupation 30 Sep 1758 (age 29-30) -; Tanner, Send (MLA)
Will 15 Apr 1778 (age 49-50) Date of will (see notes)
Death 1780 (age 51-52) Woking, Surrey
Burial 10 May 1780 St Peter, Woking, Surrey
Probate 19 May 1780 Probate to Robert Boughton, surviving exec.

Wife: Elizabeth Stevens

Name: Elizabeth Stevens
Sex: Female
Father: James Stevens (1701-1746)
Mother: Dorothy Roake ( -1761)
Birth 1731 Woking, Surrey
Baptism 28 Nov 1731 (age 0) St Peter, Woking, Surrey (daughter of James Stevens of Town Street)
Death 1757 (age 25-26) Woking, Surrey
Burial 24 Apr 1757 St Peter, Woking, Surrey

Child 1: Thomas Howard

Name: Thomas Howard
Sex: Male

Child 2: John Howard

Name: John Howard
Sex: Male

Child 3: Elizabeth Howard

Name: Elizabeth Howard
Sex: Female

Note on Husband: Thomas Howard - shared note

30 Sept., 1758. Thomas Howard of Send, abode 4 weeks, tanner, widower, 30, and Mary Goater of Woking, abode 4 weeks, spinster, above 18 ; at Send. With consent of Richard Goater of Woking, fellmonger, her father.

MLA, Commissary Court of Surrey



Thomas Howard of Woking, yeoman 15 Apr 1778

to my brother John Howard and brother in law Robert Boughton all my copyhold messuages in manors of Woking and Send and Ripley to sell and to them all stock, etc. except household goods which to my wife Elizabeth Howard; to my wife £50; to my brother John Howard a third of above; to my brother in law Robert Boughton a third also; to my brother Richard Howard and sister Mary Howard a third also; to my wife Elizabeth Howard my freehold messuage in the occupation of (Mr) Thomas Baker called Hill Place also Pile Hill House near Mayford, Woking for life and then to the children of my sister Elizabeth Boughton wife of Robert; if however my wife is pregnant all above legacies void and after the death of my wife estate to said child or children wife pregnant with and then John Howard and Robert Boughton execs. in trust for them

Witnesses: Frances Douglas; Joseph Pickstone; Joseph Hockley

Proved: 19 May 1780 to Robert Boughton, surviving exec. [DW/PC/7/6 Q.1; DW/PC/5/1780/7 -

however note that filed will missing]