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Family of William Attfield and Mary Tegg

Husband: William Attfield (c. 1710-1759)
Wife: Mary Tegg (bef1717-1761)
Children: William Attfield (1739- )
Nathaniel Attfield (1740-1740)
John Attfield (1741-1782)
Richard Attfield (1742-1742)
James Attfield (1745-1770)
Marriage 6 Feb 1738/39 St Mary, Wimbledon, Surrey

Husband: William Attfield

Name: William Attfield
Sex: Male
Father: Nathaniel Attfield (1675-1758)
Mother: Jane Collyer (1677-1734)
Birth c. 1710
Death 1759 (age 48-49) Chertsey, Surrey
Burial 7 Oct 1759 Chertsey, Surrey (assume this is the same William)

Wife: Mary Tegg

Name: Mary Tegg
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth bef 1717
Death 1761 (age 43-44) Chertsey, Surrey
Burial 18 Jun 1761 Chertsey, Surrey

Child 1: William Attfield

Name: William Attfield
Sex: Male
Birth 1739 Chertsey, Surrey
Baptism 22 Mar 1738/39 (age 0) Chertsey, Surrey (as Atfeild)
Will 7 Jul 1763 (age 23-24) Mentioned in will of James Attfield, uncle

Child 2: Nathaniel Attfield

Name: Nathaniel Attfield
Sex: Male
Birth 1740 Chertsey, Surrey
Baptism 28 Apr 1740 (age 0) Chertsey, Surrey (as Field)
Death 1740 (age 0) Chertsey, Surrey
Burial 16 Oct 1740 Chertsey, Surrey (Nathaniel the son of William Atfeild)

Child 3: John Attfield

Name: John Attfield
Sex: Male
Birth 1741 Chertsey, Surrey
Baptism 19 Jun 1741 (age 0) Chertsey, Surrey (as Atfeild)
Death 1782 (age 40-41) Chertsey, Surrey
Burial 24 Mar 1782 St Peter, Chertsey, Surrey

Child 4: Richard Attfield

Name: Richard Attfield
Sex: Male
Birth 1742 Chertsey, Surrey
Baptism 11 Jun 1742 (age 0) Chertsey, Surrey (as Atfeild)
Death 1742 (age 0) Chertsey, Surrey
Burial 31 Aug 1742 Chertsey, Surrey (assume this is the same Richard)

Child 5: James Attfield

Name: James Attfield
Sex: Male
Birth 1745 Chertsey, Surrey
Baptism 12 Dec 1745 (age 0) Chertsey, Surrey
Death 1770 (age 24-25) Chertsey, Surrey
Burial 4 Jun 1770 Chertsey, Surrey

Note on Husband: William Attfield (1)

All we know of this individual is from the will of his brother James Attfield of Chiswick, 7.7.1763, which mentions "my nephew William Attfield the son of the late William Attfield deceased". The birth date c.1710 is a guess based only on the convenient gap of 5 years between the births of his brothers Henry and George, and not on any other evidence. He is assumed to be the same William Attfield who died at Chertsey in 1759 because it fits the statement in James's will, but there is no definite proof that it is the same William.

Note on Husband: William Attfield (2)

Marriage licence: William Attfield (aged 21 and upwards, of Wandsworth) & Mary Tegg (same) at St Mary, Wimbledon, on 6.2.1738/9. Vicar General MLA 3.2.1738/39, marriage at Wimbledon, Streatham or Tooting.