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Family of Benjamin Attfield and Jane Grinham

Husband: Benjamin Attfield (1796-1867)
Wife: Jane Grinham ( - )
Children: Catherine Jane Grinham (1819- )

Husband: Benjamin Attfield

Name: Benjamin Attfield
Sex: Male
Father: John Attfield (1752-1839)
Mother: Mary Crawt (1755-1837)
Birth 1796 Elstead, Surrey
Baptism 29 May 1796 (age 0) Elstead, Surrey (Atfield)
Will 1 Feb 1816 (age 19-20) Mentioned in will of uncle Richard Attfield
Occupation 7 Nov 1819 (age 22-23) Carpenter, Cove, Hampshire (daughter Catherine Jane's baptism)
Occupation 17 Nov 1822 (age 25-26) Carpenter, 16 St John's Square, Clerkenwell
Occupation 14 Nov 1824 (age 27-28) Trade, St Marylebone
Occupation 15 Jan 1826 (age 29-30) Tallow chandler, 50 Lisson Grove North, Marylebone
Occupation 16 Jun 1827 (age 30-31) Tallow chandler, Lisson Grove (see notes)
Occupation 5 Aug 1835 (age 38-39) Tallow chandler, 50 Lisson Grove North, Marylebone
Census 1841 (age 44-45) Oilman, St Mary-le-Bone
Census 1851 (age 54-55) Inland Revenue Officer, 30 Portman Place, St Marylebone (widower)
Census 1861 (age 64-65) Inland Revenue Officer, 30 Portman Place, St Marylebone (widower)
Death fact 1867 (age 70-71) 1867 Dec Qtr, Kensington, 1a/103 (aged 71)
Residence 1867 (age 70-71) Albion Gardens, Hammersmith
Death 1867 (age 70-71) Kensington, Middlesex
Burial 9 Oct 1867 St Mary, Fulham Northend (aged 71)

Wife: Jane Grinham

Name: Jane Grinham
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Catherine Jane Grinham

Name: Catherine Jane Grinham
Sex: Female
Birth 1819 Farnborough, Hampshire
Baptism 7 Nov 1819 (age 0) Farnborough, Hampshire

Note on Husband: Benjamin Attfield

BENJAMIN ATTFIELD, a man of most respectable appearance, a tallow chandler, residing in Lisson Grove, was indicted for having, on the 19th of April last, assaulted Harriet Shepherd, with an intent to violate her person.

Mr. Alley ... called Harriet Shepherd, a smartly dressed young girl, who stated that she was fourteen years of age, and had lived with the prisoner between seven and eight months as his servant. He was a married man, with three small children, and his wife lived with him. ... The prisoner lived at No.50 Lisson Grove ...

Mr. Phillips addressed the Jury for the defence, and contended that the prosecutrix's friends had preferred this charge against the defendant because the girl had been dismissed from his house.

Several respectable witnesses gave the defendant the highest character for morality and propriety of conduct. The Jury found him Not Guilty.

Morning Chronicle, 16.6.1827


BENJAMIN ATTFIELD - This insolvent, who held a public appointment in one of the government offices, applied under the Protection Act. Two creditors opposed in person, and Mr. Duncan supported. The insolvent has a salary of £97 per year. He had a family now off his hands and a sick wife to support. His debts were not large, and in the words of the commissioner, there was not an extravagant debt on the schedule. He offered to set aside £20 a year, and to insure his life for £150. The court named a day for the final order.

Daily News, 4.3.1851