Family of William Collyer and Jane Inwood

Husband: William Collyer ( -1685)
Wife: Jane Inwood ( - )
Children: Jane Collyer (1677-1734)

Husband: William Collyer

Name: William Collyer
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Will 19 Jun 1685 Date of will (see notes)
Death 1685 Horsell, Surrey

Wife: Jane Inwood

Name: Jane Inwood
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Jane Collyer

Name: Jane Collyer
Sex: Female
Spouse: Nathaniel Attfield (1675-1758)
Birth 12 Mar 1676/77 Horsell, Surrey
Baptism 12 Apr 1677 (age 0) Horsell, Surrey
Will 19 Jun 1685 (age 8) Mentioned in father's will
Death 1734 (age 56-57) Farnham, Surrey
Burial 2 Jan 1733/34 St Andrew, Farnham, Surrey

Note on Husband: William Collyer


William Collier (X) of Horsell, yeoman, very weak and sick 19 Jun 1685

all my freehold and leasehold land in Horsell I bought from William Constable to my wife Jane Collier until son William is 21 paying interest due to William Constable on the £300 I owe him; all freehold I bought from said William Constable in Horsell to remain to my son William at 21; all copyhold land I bought from Joseph Ockley and George Freeland in Woking to my son William paying to my daughter Jane £150 at 21; residue to my wife and son William, execs.

Overseers: friends father in law John Inwood; eldest brother John Collier (5s each)

Witnesses: Richard Collyer; William Patience (X); William French

Proved: 7 Nov 1685 to exec. Jane power reserved to other exec. [DW/PA/5/1685/35] (£256)