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Family of James Attfield and Elizabeth Lambert

Husband: James Attfield (1774-1851)
Wife: Elizabeth Lambert (c. 1787-1839)
Children: Thomas Attfield (1812-1853)
James Attfield (1816-1816)
William Attfield (1821-1895)
Marriage 19 Dec 1811 Oving, Sussex

Husband: James Attfield

Name: James Attfield
Sex: Male
Father: William Attfield (1749-1837)
Mother: Hannah Freakes (1752-1800)
Birth 1774 'Westwood', Wanborough, Surrey
Baptism 19 Sep 1774 (age 0) St.Peter's. Ash, Surrey
Will 14 Aug 1837 (age 62-63) Mentioned in father's will
Occupation 18 Oct 1838 (age 63-64) Gardener, of Aldershot (executor to father's will)
Census 1841 (age 66-67) Farmer, Aldershot (next door to George & Nimmy)
Will 8 Oct 1848 (age 73-74) Date of will (see notes)
Census 1851 (age 76-77) Gardener, Aldershot (widower, next door to George & Nimmy)
Death fact 1851 (age 76-77) 1851 Sep Qtr, Farnham, 4/119
Death 11 Jul 1851 (age 76-77) Aldershot, Hampshire
Burial 15 Jul 1851 Aldershot, Hampshire (aged 76)
Probate 24 Jul 1851 Admin granted to William Attfield, son

Wife: Elizabeth Lambert

Name: Elizabeth Lambert
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth c. 1787
Death fact 1839 (age 51-52) 1839 Sep Q, Farnham, 4/83
Death 1839 (age 51-52) Aldershot, Hampshire
Burial 2 Sep 1839 St Michael, Aldershot, Hampshire (aged 52)

Child 1: Thomas Attfield

Name: Thomas Attfield
Sex: Male
Spouse: Jane Broadbridge (1816-1853)
Birth 1812 Bognor, Sussex
Baptism 13 Sep 1812 (age 0) South Bersted, Sussex (Thomas Hatfield)
Occupation 26 Jan 1836 (age 23-24) Carpenter, Pallant, Chichester
Census 1841 (age 28-29) Carpenter, St Pancras, Chichester
Census 1851 (age 38-39) Carpenter (master), St Pancras Street, Chichester St Pancras
Death fact 1853 (age 40-41) 1853 Jun Q, Chichester, 2b/210
Death 12 Apr 1853 (age 40-41) St Pancras, Chichester
Occupation 17 Apr 1853 (age 40-41) Parish Clerk (burial register)
Burial 17 Apr 1853 St Pancras, Chichester, Sussex (aged 41)

Child 2: James Attfield

Name: James Attfield
Sex: Male
Birth 1816 Oving, Sussex
Baptism 30 Jun 1816 (age 0) Oving, Sussex (James Hatfield)
Death 1816 (age 0) Oving, Sussex
Burial 12 Jul 1816 St Andrew, Oving, Sussex (aged 1 month, James Atfield)

Child 3: William Attfield

Name: William Attfield
Sex: Male
Spouse: Hannah Broadbridge (1818-1886)
Birth 1821 Oving, Sussex
Baptism 25 Feb 1821 (age 0) Oving, Sussex
Census 1841 (age 19-20) Tailor, living with brother Thomas
Census 1851 (age 29-30) National School master, Over, Cambs
Will 24 Jul 1851 (age 29-30) Granted administration of father's estate
Census 1861 (age 39-40) National School Master, Church Lane, Somersham
Census 1871 (age 49-50) Schoolmaster, Church Lane, Somersham, Hunts
Census 1881 (age 59-60) Land surveyor, Main St, Somersham
Census 1891 (age 69-70) Land surveyor, living with daughter Louisa & son-in-law William Hopkin (widower)
Death fact 1895 (age 73-74) 1895 Dec Qtr, St Ives, 3b/161
Death 27 Nov 1895 (age 73-74) Somersham, Hunts
Burial 30 Nov 1895 St John the Baptist, Somersham, Hunts (74)

Note on Husband: James Attfield

Will of James Attfield widower of Aldershot in the County of Southampton, 8 Oct 1848

To my two sons Thomas and William Attfield to be divided equally between them (or in case of their death to their children) the whole of my property consisting of a copyhold house and garden in the Parish of Aldershot, also all money due to me from the Farnham Savings Bank, also my furniture and effects.

Witnesses: Reuben Attfield, William Collins

Know all men by these presents that we William Attfield of the Parish of Over in the County of Cambridge Schoolmaster, Reuben Attfield of Aldershot in the County of Southampton Farmer and William Mason of Farnham in the County of Surrey Actuary are bound to Charles Richard Lord Bishop of Winchester in the sum of four hundred pounds, 24 Jul 1851

Whereas James Attfield of Aldershot departed this life on 11 July 1851 having made his will dated 8 Oct 1848 but did not appoint any executor; whereas admin has been granted to the above William Attfield one of the sons and universal legatees in the said will; then if William Attfield shall duly administer the said goods chattels and credits of the said James Attfield deceased he shall be indemnified of all costs and charges arising from the letters of admin.

Admin granted 24 Jul 1851 to William Attfield, son

Hampshire Record Office 1851B/004