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Family of William Attfield and Hannah Freakes

Husband: William Attfield (1749-1837)
Wife: Hannah Freakes (1752-1800)
Children: James Attfield (1774-1851)
Thomas Attfield (1777-1834)
George Attfield (1778-1855)
John Attfield (1781-1829)
Richard Attfield (1784-1816)
William Attfield (1787-1833)
Jane Attfield (1789-1835)
Francis (Frank) Attfield (1792-1882)
Marriage 10 Jul 1774 St Peter, Ash, Surrey
Witnesses 10 Jul 1774 James Freakes, Philip Wheeler

Husband: William Attfield

Name: William Attfield
Sex: Male
Father: Richard Attfield (1718-1793)
Mother: Ann Paine (1723-1803)
Birth Feb 1748/49 Farnham, Surrey
Baptism 10 Feb 1748/49 (age 0) Farnham, Surrey
Occupation Yeoman farmer. Bailiff to the Bishop of Winchester
Will 10 Jun 1793 (age 44) Executor to will of James Freakes of Farnham, farmer ("friend")
Will 15 Feb 1811 (age 61-62) Mentioned in will of William Anthony ("William Attfield the son of my late uncle Richard Attfield")
Occupation 13 Apr 1816 (age 67) Bailiff to the Bishop of Winchester, Farnham
Will 14 Aug 1837 (age 88) Date of Will
Death fact 1837 (age 87-88) 1837 Dec Qtr, Farnham, 4/73
Death 14 Oct 1837 (age 88) Farnham Castle, Farnham, Surrey
Cause: Jaundice from diseased liver
Burial 18 Oct 1837 St Andrew Farnham (aged 87)
Probate 18 Oct 1838 Probate to James Attfield and Francis Attfield, sons, and William Birch

Wife: Hannah Freakes

Name: Hannah Freakes
Sex: Female
Father: James Freakes (1709-1788)
Mother: Elizabeth Harwood (1714- )
Birth Oct 1752 Wanborough, Surrey
Baptism 17 Oct 1752 (age 0) Compton, Surrey
Will 9 Jan 1787 (age 34) Mentioned in father's will
Death 1800 (age 47-48) Farnham, Surrey
Burial 2 Nov 1800 Farnham, Surrey

Child 1: James Attfield

Name: James Attfield
Sex: Male
Spouse: Elizabeth Lambert (c. 1787-1839)
Birth 1774 'Westwood', Wanborough, Surrey
Baptism 19 Sep 1774 (age 0) St.Peter's. Ash, Surrey
Will 14 Aug 1837 (age 62-63) Mentioned in father's will
Occupation 18 Oct 1838 (age 63-64) Gardener, of Aldershot (executor to father's will)
Census 1841 (age 66-67) Farmer, Aldershot (next door to George & Nimmy)
Will 8 Oct 1848 (age 73-74) Date of will (see notes)
Census 1851 (age 76-77) Gardener, Aldershot (widower, next door to George & Nimmy)
Death fact 1851 (age 76-77) 1851 Sep Qtr, Farnham, 4/119
Death 11 Jul 1851 (age 76-77) Aldershot, Hampshire
Burial 15 Jul 1851 Aldershot, Hampshire (aged 76)
Probate 24 Jul 1851 Admin granted to William Attfield, son

Child 2: Thomas Attfield

Name: Thomas Attfield
Sex: Male
Spouse: Sarah Hockley (c. 1787-1867)
Birth 1777 Puttenham, Surrey
Baptism 3 Apr 1777 (age 0) Puttenham, Surrey (Thomas Field)
Occupation Miller
Death 1834 (age 56-57) Witley, Surrey
Burial 2 Mar 1834 All Saints, Witley, Surrey (aged 57)
Occupation 23 May 1842 (age 64-65) Miller (on daughter Harriet's marriage cert.)

Child 3: George Attfield

Name: George Attfield
Sex: Male
Spouse: Naomi (Nimmy) Charlton (c. 1777-1868)
Birth 1778 'Westwood', Wanborough, Surrey
Baptism 5 Dec 1778 (age 0) St. Peter's, Ash, Surrey
Will 14 Aug 1837 (age 58-59) Mentioned in father's will
Occupation 2 Nov 1837 (age 58-59) Labourer (marriage cert. of daughter Ann)
Occupation 11 Nov 1838 (age 59-60) Farmer (on son George's marriage cert.)
Census 1841 (age 62-63) Agricultural labourer, Aldershot
Census 1851 (age 72-73) Agricultural labourer, Aldershot
Death fact 1855 (age 76-77) 1855 Sep Qtr, Farnham, 2a/37
Death 2 Jul 1855 (age 76-77) Aldershot, Hampshire
Burial 7 Jul 1855 St Michael, Aldershot, Hampshire (aged 76)

Child 4: John Attfield

Name: John Attfield
Sex: Male
Spouse: Sarah Saunders (1784-1840)
Birth 1781 Wanborough, Surrey
Baptism 29 Apr 1781 (age 0) St. Peter's church, Ash, Surrey
Death 1829 (age 47-48) Farnham, Surrey
Burial 4 Apr 1829 St Andrew, Farnham, Surrey (aged 48)

Child 5: Richard Attfield

Name: Richard Attfield
Sex: Male
Spouse: Susanna Waller (c. 1788-1825)
Birth 1784 Farnham, Surrey
Baptism 31 May 1784 (age 0) St. Peter's, Ash, Surrey
Occupation 10 Nov 1813 (age 28-29) Collar maker, Duppas Hill, Croydon (son William's baptism)
Occupation 28 Jan 1816 (age 31-32) Collar maker, Croydon (son Edward's baptism)
Death 1816 (age 31-32) Croydon, Surrey
Burial 22 Dec 1816 St John The Baptist, Croydon, Surrey (aged 33, "Hattfield")

Child 6: William Attfield

Name: William Attfield
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary Ann Matthew (c. 1788-1844)
Birth 1787 Farnham, Surrey
Baptism 17 Jul 1787 (age 0) St Andrew's, Farnham
Occupation Labourer (on widow's death certificate, 1844)
Death 1833 (age 45-46) Farnham, Surrey
Burial 16 Mar 1833 St Andrew, Farnham (aged 45)

Child 7: Jane Attfield

Name: Jane Attfield
Sex: Female
Birth 1789 Farnham, Surrey
Baptism 26 Dec 1789 (age 0) St. Andrew's Church, Farnham
Death 1835 (age 45-46) Farnham, Surrey
Burial 16 Jun 1835 St Andrew, Farnham (aged 45; abode: Hungry Hill)

Child 8: Francis (Frank) Attfield

Name: Francis (Frank) Attfield
Sex: Male
Spouse: Jane Searle (1794-1877)
Birth 1792 Runfold, Farnham, Surrey
Baptism 15 Jun 1792 (age 0) St. Andrew's, Farnham
Will 14 Aug 1837 (age 44-45) Mentioned in father's will
Occupation 18 Oct 1838 (age 45-46) Carpenter, of Farnham (executor to father's will)
Census 1841 (age 48-49) Carpenter, East St, Farnham
Census 1851 (age 58-59) Journeyman carpenter, East St, Farnham (married, wife absent)
Census 1861 (age 68-69) Carpenter, East St, Farnham
Census 1871 (age 78-79) Carpenter, No.4 Coopers Terrace, East St, Farnham
Census 1881 (age 88-89) No profession, No.4 Coopers Terr, Farnham (widower, deaf)
Occupation Carpenter, Victualler, Landlord of The Marlborough Head, Farnham
Death fact 1882 (age 89-90) 1882 March Qtr, Farnham, 2a/84
Death 9 Mar 1882 (age 89-90) East Street, Farnham, Surrey
Cause: Natural Decay
Burial 15 Mar 1882 St Andrew, Farnham (aged 89)

Note on Husband: William Attfield (1)

Owned property at Hoghatch, Farnham which he left to Sarah Attfield the wife of his late son John Attfield. In his Will of 14 August 1837 he is 'of Farnham Castle'. He may have been living his last days there in the care of the Bishop for whom he had worked.His age on the death certificate was 87 (he was actually 88). The certificate must have been one of the first to be issued under the new Civil Registration which had just been made law. Previously all deaths were registered through the churches . The informant was his son Francis (of East Street, Farnham, Victualler....'.present at the death').


Surrey History Centre, Item ref: 5018/2

Declaration by Joseph Sanders of Hungry Hill, Farnham, labourer, aged 59, that he has known for about 36 years two parcels of land at Hoghatch, late the property of Sarah Attfield. He occupied them for 7 years living in a cottage on one, 28 years ago, as tenant of William Attfield, late Bailiff to Bishop of Winchester. Previous owner John Bear from whom Attfield purchased.

Date(s): 20 Oct 1841

Note on Husband: William Attfield (2)


William Attfield (X) of Farnham Castle, yeoman all my clothes to my sons James Attfield, George Attfield and Francis Attfield; to my late son John Attfield's widow Sarah Attfield my cottage in Hog Hatch, Farnham in occupation of said Sarah; to my son James £55; to the five children of my late son Thomas Attfield £150; to my son George £70; to my son Francis £42; to my daughter in law Sarah Attfield, widow £75; to my late son William Attfield's widow Mary Ann Attfield £75; to my late son Richard's son Richard Attfield £10 and to his sister Eliza Attfield; residue to my three sons and they and friend William Birch of Farnham, builder, execs. 14 Aug 1837 Witnesses: George Montagu Evans; James Thorn; John Marwood Proved: 22 Oct 1838 to execs. (died 14 Oct 1837; under £800)

Note on Husband: William Attfield (3)

Examination of William Attfield of Farnham, bailiff to the Bishop of Winchester: accusing Thomas Spreadborough of stealing a quantity of clover hay belonging to the Bishop.

Surrey Quarter Sessions, Midsummer 1816

Date: 13 Apr 1816

Surrey History Centre, Item Ref. QS2/6/1816/MID/94