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Family of Charles Elkins and Mary Hudson

Husband: Charles Elkins ( -1792)
Wife: Mary Hudson (c. 1755-1839)
Children: Molly Elkins (1776-1821)
Marriage 30 Nov 1775 Farnham, Surrey

Husband: Charles Elkins

Name: Charles Elkins
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Will 14 Jun 1792 Date of will (see notes)
Death 1792 Farnham, Surrey
Burial 3 Sep 1792 St Andrew, Farnham, Surrey

Wife: Mary Hudson

Name: Mary Hudson
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth c. 1755
Death 1839 (age 83-84) Farnham, Surrey
Burial 10 Sep 1839 St Andrew, Farnham, Surrey (aged 84, Mary Elkins)

Child 1: Molly Elkins

Name: Molly Elkins
Sex: Female
Spouse: Joseph Hart (c. 1773-1831)
Birth 1776 Farnham, Surrey
Baptism 31 May 1776 (age 0) Farnham, Surrey
Will 14 Jun 1792 (age 15-16) Mentioned in father's will
Death 1821 (age 44-45) Farnham, Surrey
Burial 12 May 1821 St Andrew, Farnham (aged 45)

Note on Husband: Charles Elkins

Will of Charles Elkins of Farnham, Surrey, gunsmith, indisposed, 14 Jun 1792. Stock in trade to be sold and the money bought into the public funds of GB, and the interest to be paid to my wife during her life; £300 in 4% gilts in the Bank of England to be sold out and bought in again in the joint names of Mary Elkins my wife and Richard Avenell junior of the Parish of Farnham in trust for my daughter Molly Elkins; all interest due from the stock above mentioned shall be for the use and benefit of my wife during her widowhood and in case she should marry then my will is that the interest of £300 stock shall go to my daughter Molly Elkins; whereas I have two houses and some land containing about one acre under bargain and sale to Francis White for £150 situate at the upper end of Wrecclesham Street in Farnham which bargain is to be fully completed and the money to be paid within one month after Michaelmas Day 1792 I direct that such sum be bought into the stocks for the same use as that before mentioned, and in case such bargain should not be completed I direct by execs to sell the same and convert the money to the same use as above mentioned; all property remaining at the death of my wife for the use of my daughter Molly Elkins and her heirs; but in case my wife should stand in need of any more money than what arises from the interest above mentioned then with the consent of Mr Richard Avenell and not otherwise I direct that a sum not exceeding £50 stock be sold out for her private use and benefit; I bequeath to wife Mary Elkins all household goods etc.; in case my daughter Molly Elkins should die without issue such property above mentioned shall go to my brother William Elkins and John Davies son of my wife’s sister Elizabeth Davies jointly equally share and share alike; wife Mary Elkins and George Mason of Farnham peruke maker execs.

Witnesses: Richard Robinson, William Falkner, John White

Proved at London ___ Oct 1792 to Mary Elkins widow the relict and George Mason, execs.