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Family of James Attfield and Mary Hudson

Husband: James Attfield (1747-1825)
Wife: Mary Hudson (c. 1755-1839)
Marriage 1794 Reading?

Husband: James Attfield

Name: James Attfield
Sex: Male
Father: Richard Attfield (1718-1793)
Mother: Ann Paine (1723-1803)
Birth 1747 Farnham, Surrey
Baptism 3 Feb 1747/48 (age 0-1) Farnham, Surrey
Occupation 14 Jun 1791 (age 43-44) Maltster, Farnham (mentioned in will of Ann Jewer, Tongham)
Occupation 1801 (age 53-54) Malster, Farnham (Jury-Qualified Freeholders and Copyholders, Surrey 1696-1824, Ancestry)
Will 15 Feb 1811 (age 63-64) Mentioned in will of William Anthony ("James Attfield the son of my late uncle Richard Attfield")
Will 22 Jan 1818 (age 70-71) Executor to will of Ann Jewer, Tongham
Will 24 Aug 1825 (age 77-78) Date of Will (proved 18.2.1826)
Death 10 Nov 1825 (age 77-78) Farnham, Surrey
Burial 16 Nov 1825 St Andrew, Farnham, Surrey (aged 77)

Wife: Mary Hudson

Name: Mary Hudson
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth c. 1755
Death 1839 (age 83-84) Farnham, Surrey
Burial 10 Sep 1839 St Andrew, Farnham, Surrey (aged 84, Mary Elkins)

Note on Husband: James Attfield (1)

On Thursday died, at Farnham, Mr James Attfield, maltster, aged 77.

Hampshire Chronicle - Monday 14 November 1825

Note on Husband: James Attfield (2)

"A few days since was married, James Attfield, esq; of Farnham, to Mrs. Mary Elkins, of the same place; a widow lady, with a genteel fortune."

Reading Mercury, 26 May 1794