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Family of Joseph Jopling and Louisa Attfield

Husband: Joseph Jopling (1818-1904)
Wife: Louisa Attfield (1827-1906)
Children: Frederick Waistell Jopling (1859-1945)
Walter Stanley Jopling (c. 1862-1931)
Marriage aft 1855

Husband: Joseph Jopling

Name: Joseph Jopling
Sex: Male
Father: Joseph Jopling (1788-1867)
Mother: Elizabeth Gamon (c. 1786-1855)
Birth 28 Jun 1818 St Marylebone, Middlesex
Baptism 3 Sep 1818 (age 0) Milton Princes And Wilson Street Independent, London
Census 1841 (age 22-23) Living with parents at Furness Abbey
Occupation 6 Sep 1849 (age 31) Civil engineer, Finchley Road
Census 1851 (age 32-33) Civil engineer, 2 Clifton Road, Marylebone
Occupation 1859 (age 40-41) Civil engineer, 2 Abingdon Villas West, Kensington (on son Frederick's birth cert.)
Census 1871 (age 52-53) Civil engineer, Church Road, Watford
Census 1881 (age 62-63) Civil Engineer, St David's Ward, Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada
Occupation 1882 (age 63-64) Assistant city engineer & draughtsman, 29 Winchester, Toronto (Toronto City Directory 1882)
Census 1891 (age 72-73) Civil engineer, St Thomas Ward, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Death 18 Jul 1904 (age 86) York, Ontario, Canada

Wife: Louisa Attfield

Name: Louisa Attfield
Sex: Female
Father: Richard Attfield (1787-1849)
Mother: Louisa Cooke (c. 1796-1871)
Birth 9 Oct 1827 St George Hanover Square, Westminster, Middlesex
Baptism 23 Nov 1827 (age 0) St George Hanover Square, Westminster, Middlesex
Will 1 Mar 1847 (age 19) Mentioned in father's will
Census 1851 (age 23-24) Living with mother
Census 1881 (age 53-54) St David's Ward, Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada
Residence 1906 (age 78-79) 592 Church Street, York, Ontario
Death 28 Dec 1906 (age 79) York, Ontario, Canada

Child 1: Frederick Waistell Jopling

Name: Frederick Waistell Jopling
Sex: Male
Spouse: Angela O'Shea (c. 1881-1965)
Birth 23 Apr 1859 2 Abingdon Villa West, Kensington, Middlesex
Baptism 15 Jul 1859 (age 0) Saint Philip, Kensington
Birth fact 1859 (age 0) 1859 Jun Qtr, Kensington, 1a/73
Immigration 1874 (age 14-15) to Arrived in Canada (1921 census entry)
Census 1881 (age 21-22) Artist, St David's Ward, Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada
Occupation 1882 (age 22-23) Litho artist, 29 Winchester, Toronto (Toronto City Directory)
Census 1921 (age 61-62) Illustrator artist, Toronto Ward 3, Ontario, Canada
Death 2 Apr 1945 (age 85) Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Burial 4 Apr 1945 Mount Hope Catholic Cemetery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Child 2: Walter Stanley Jopling

Name: Walter Stanley Jopling
Sex: Male
Spouse: Rebecca Bailey Bunton (c. 1868-1923)
Birth c. 1862 Leghorn, Italy
Census 1881 (age 18-19) St David's Ward, Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada
Occupation 1882 (age 19-20) Clerk, 29 Winchester, Toronto (Toronto City Directory)
Occupation 2 Sep 1896 (age 33-34) Insurance inspector (marriage record)
Death 28 Aug 1931 (age 68-69) Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Note on Husband: Joseph Jopling

JOSEPH JOPLING was born in London on the 18th June, 1818, and after serving a pupilage to his father, he became an assistant to Sir John Hawkshaw, Past-President, on the works of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway, and subsequently on railway work in Italy. From 1860 to 1862, he was employed by Messrs. Brassey and Company, Contractors for the Maremma Railway, in laying out the first section of the road, and on the completion of this work, he assisted in the construction of the Lemberg and Czernowitz Railway in Austria, returning to England in 1868. With the exception of short visits abroad, he remained in this country until 1873, being occupied during part of the time in the study of military railways at Aldershot. In the latter year, Mr. Jopling went out to Canada to take up the appointment of Assistant City Engineer of Toronto, which position he occupied until 1886, when he retired from the active pursuit of his profession; but until his death he retained the keenest interest in everything appertaining to engineering science. He died at Toronto on the 18th July, 1904, aged 86.

Mr. Jopling was elected an Associate of the Institution on the 7th December, 1852, and was subsequently placed in the class of Associate Members.

Source: Institution of Civil Engineers, Minutes of the Proceedings, Volume 160, Issue 1905, page 400;jsessionid=h5pydmv3mi4.z-telford-01