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Family of Nathaniel Attfield and Mary Vicary

Husband: Nathaniel Attfield (1647-1733)
Wife: Mary Vicary ( -1714)
Children: Elizabeth Attfield (1671- )
Sarah Attfield (1672-1740)
Nathaniel Attfield (1675-1758)
Mary Attfield (1678-1692)
Jane Attfield (1681-1681)
Jane Attfield (1682-1692)
Anne Attfield (1684-1692)
Marriage 20 Jun 1671 Chobham, Surrey

Husband: Nathaniel Attfield

Name: Nathaniel Attfield
Sex: Male
Father: Hedge Attfield (c. 1620-1667)
Mother: Ann Ashman ( - )
Birth 1647 Westminster, Middlesex
Baptism 21 Oct 1647 (age 0) Saint Margaret, Westminster, London (father Hedgefeild Feild)
Occupation Farmer, of "ye Parke", Woking
Will 12 Jan 1675/76 (age 28-29) Witness to will of Thomas Stimson of Woking, yeoman, snr.
Possessions 7 Apr 1683 (age 35-36) Chapmans, later The Ship, Ripley - mortgage (see notes)
Occupation 1688 (age 40-41) Churchwarden
Occupation 14 Jun 1689 (age 41-42) Yeoman, Woking (witness to will of Lawrence Porter)
Residence 1695 (age 47-48) Woking (Association Oath Rolls: Surrey 1695)
Possessions 25 Dec 1699 (age 51-52) Chapmans, Ripley (see notes)
Fact1 27 Jul 1710 (age 62-63) Mentioned in letter from Earl of Anglesey (see notes)
Possessions 1714 (age 66-67) Lands in the tithing of Townstreet, Woking, conveyed by Nathaniel Attfield to James Stevens (see notes)
Death 1733 (age 85-86) Woking, Surrey
Burial 20 Feb 1732/33 St Peter, Woking ("Nathaniel Atfield of Chobham")

Wife: Mary Vicary

Name: Mary Vicary
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Death 1714 Woking, Surrey
Burial 29 Mar 1714 St Peter, Woking, Surrey (wife of Nathaniel Atfield yeoman of Townstreet)

Child 1: Elizabeth Attfield

Name: Elizabeth Attfield
Sex: Female
Spouse: Owen Porter (1663-1734)
Birth 1671 Woking, Surrey
Baptism 19 Sep 1671 (age 0) St Peter, Woking, Surrey

Child 2: Sarah Attfield

Name: Sarah Attfield
Sex: Female
Spouse: James Stevens ( -1711)
Birth 1672 Woking, Surrey
Baptism 26 Nov 1672 (age 0) St Peter, Woking, Surrey
Will 7 Apr 1711 (age 38-39) Mentioned in husband's will
Death 1740 (age 67-68) Woking, Surrey
Burial 11 Oct 1740 St Peter, Woking, Surrey

Child 3: Nathaniel Attfield

Name: Nathaniel Attfield
Sex: Male
Spouse: Jane Collyer (1677-1734)
Birth 1675 Woking, Surrey
Baptism 28 Jan 1674/75 (age 0) St Peter, Woking, Surrey
Occupation 2 Oct 1714 (age 38-39) Yeoman, of Badshot, Farnham (executor to will of Elizabeth Hooke)
Will 17 Sep 1718 (age 42-43) Witness to will of Charles Rogers of Woking
Will 24 Mar 1720/21 (age 45-46) Witness to will of William Hall of Chertsey, innholder
Will 26 Dec 1723 (age 47-48) Overseer to will of Henry Stevens of Badshot, Farnham, friend
Occupation 1728 (age 52-53) Brewer, Chertsey (see Notes for son Nathaniel the Younger)
Will 13 Apr 1734 (age 58-59) Mentioned in will of John Lampard of Farnham
Occupation 21 Dec 1745 (age 69-70) Yeoman, Farnham (signed daughter Jane's MLA)
Death 1758 (age 82-83) Farnham, Surrey
Burial 13 Mar 1758 St Andrew, Farnham, Surrey

Child 4: Mary Attfield

Name: Mary Attfield
Sex: Female
Birth 11 Sep 1678 Woking, Surrey
Baptism 24 Sep 1678 (age 0) St Peter, Woking, Surrey
Will 27 Oct 1683 (age 5) Goddaughter of Nicholas Stimson, mentioned in his will
Death 1692 (age 13-14) Woking, Surrey
Burial 2 Oct 1692 St Peter, Woking, Surrey

Child 5: Jane Attfield

Name: Jane Attfield
Sex: Female
Birth 1681 Woking, Surrey
Death 1681 (age 0) Woking, Surrey
Burial 8 May 1681 Woking, Surrey

Child 6: Jane Attfield

Name: Jane Attfield
Sex: Female
Birth 30 Jul 1682 Woking, Surrey
Baptism 1 Aug 1682 (age 0) St Peter, Woking, Surrey
Death 1692 (age 9-10) Woking, Surrey
Burial 30 Sep 1692 St Peter, Woking, Surrey

Child 7: Anne Attfield

Name: Anne Attfield
Sex: Female
Birth 1684 Woking, Surrey
Baptism 4 Nov 1684 (age 0) St Peter, Woking, Surrey
Death 1692 (age 7-8) Woking, Surrey
Burial 30 Sep 1692 St Peter, Woking, Surrey

Note on Husband: Nathaniel Attfield

Nathaniel Atfield was a "Farmer of the Park", the Park being that originally surrounding Woking Palace when it was a royal residence and later turned over to arable farming. He was a churchwarden in 1688.


According to the Church Rate Assessments of St Peter's, there were as many as seven farmers of ye Parke in 1675 and this would suggest that there should have been a similar number of farmhouses. The Grange at the edge of or just within the Park would probably been one of these farmhouses. By 1685 there were only three farmers, Richard Porter, Nathaniel Atfield and John Slyfield. The John Holmes Survey shows the house as held by John Slyfield in 1709.

Source: Old Woking - The Grange (Contributed by Philip Arnold)


Surrey History Centre: Item ref: 1405/18

Chapmans, later The Ship, Ripley

Bond in £300, to accompany grant and Release of even date

1) Elizabeth Jones of Clerkewell, Middlesex, widow, formerly wife of Edward Alchurch, late of Ripley, surgeon, deceased

2) Thomas Collard of Ripley and Anne, his wife

3) Elizabeth Alchurch of City of London, spinster

4) David Sitter of Ripley, mariner

1), 2) and 3) bound to 4) in sum of £300 to carry out covenants in an indenture of even date. Signed Thomas Collard, Ann Collard, the mark of Elizabeth Alchurch, in presence of Nath Atfield, John Alldwin, Natha Sturt, Josh Sturt, John Collard

[A bargain and sale and assignment of a term in trust to attend the inheritance of 25 Dec 1699 is ref G46/1/16. Parties 1), 2) & 3) in this bond are heirs of the original mortgagor, Edward Alchurch senior, who mortgaged to Nathaniel Atield on 7 Apr 1683]

Date(s): 25 Dec 1699


Surrey History Centre: Item ref: G46/1/16

Bargain and sale of mortgaged premises and assignment of a term in trust to attend the inheritance

1) Elizabeth Jones of Clerkenwell, widow, relict of Edward Alchurch, late of Ripley; Thomas Cotlard and Anne his wife; Elizabeth Alchurch

2) Nathaniel Atfield (mortgagee)

3) David Sitter, mariner, and Richard Woodyer (trustee of David Sitter).

Messuage called Chapmans, Ripley.

Mortgage sum £40; £7 interest to Nathaniel Atfield

Date(s): 25 Dec 1699


"My Lord Gernsey's son, Mr. [Heneage] Finch, sent a gentleman to me yesterday, to desire I would beg your interest for him and Sir Francis Vincent, in ye next election of knights of ye shire for Surry; he told me that the gentlemen had met and offered Sir Richard Onslow, that if he would joyn with Sir Francis, he should have their assistance, and the county might be easy, but Sir Richard, after taking time to consider, having not thought fitt to give them his promise for it, they were oblig'd to set up two to oppose both him and Sir Wm Scawen. ... the gentleman mention'd, one Nat. Atfield, who lives at Woking, as a person usually intrusted by Mr. Zouch upon the like occasion."

Letter from Arthur Annesley, Earl of Anglesey, to Sir Thomas Hanmer, July 27th, 1710

Source: The correspondence of Sir Thomas Hanmer, Bart., speaker of the House of Commons, London 1838, pages 125-6


Deeds and extracts relating to copyhold of the manor of Woking, including lands in the tithing of Townstreet conveyed by Nathaniel Attfield to James Stevens (1714), land in the tithing of Goldsworth settled by John Collyer on his estate (1717), and land of the Boughton family in Woking Broadmead, Send (1708, 1775). With letter to Col Southam concerning the 'Woking documents', May 1934

Surrey History Centre, Reference: 459/1/4-8

[James Stevens is husband of Nathaniel's daughter Sarah.]